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Web Artist/Designer, Midlands
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London Calling
I'm not sure what inspired this, I think I just came over all Britart / Mod-esque for a moment. More layers than you'd think to create it - I'm a bit of a layer hoarder, I wont flatten anything, ever. You never know when you might want to tweak something later.

Desk Lunch
After a busy few months at work, eating at my desk everyday, I had to scan a sandwich for a job at work (!) and one lunchtime I started tinkering with the image in Photoshop. In the end the sandwich was left out, only the Clingfilm remained, with overlaid, associated imagery from my cluttered library of personal photographs. Bland, banal and grubby.
Sally Drinking
Shot after a meal, the camera perched on the table edge. An ex-girlfriend held very still while the shot was exposed without flash in the mild gloom of the restaurant, the tungsten lights giving the image its orange hue. Despite being, not posed, but 'held' for the shot, I think it manages to remain candid.
There's only so much I can take
Staged and shot, among a series of others taken at a party (no, not that sort of party). This one came out looking slightly more thought provoking than the others, which generally involved giggling students hurling the inflatable about and posing with it etc. Hence, in this shot, it'd had about enough for the evening! Make-your-own-narrative in one image.
Venus Twins
This idea originally came to me completely at random, but the initial idea had been to have a tree branch, again, both ends of the branch being 'ends', and no point for it to have ever been joined to a tree. One side of the branch was to have thick lush green leaves and fresh, new looking twigs. The other side was to have gnarled, dry and knotted twigs with a few dead leaves just hanging on to it. I was going to call it 'The Greedy Brother'. But, I didn't do that. I did this instead, after my Venus Flytrap passed away, due to malnutrition I expect. I decided it was more exotic than a tree branch, and it's tricky to find both healthy and unhealthy tree branches from the same tree at any one time of year. I scanned the 'dead heads' straight in, no photography involved. I turned the loop in the joined stems into one of the circles that make up the logo for my site thismanslife Maybe I will still do the original idea, maybe a series of conjoined twin type images. New project...


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