HTML/CSS/JS experiements. A code-fiddlin' repository for any browser ticklers I drool-up. Dubious hackery, sprinkled liberally with caveats about the quality and suitability of the code which lies herein.


Mac OSX dashboard widget, which given any number, will calculate the corresponding number according to the golden ratio. Nice, eh? Oh, and it’s FREE.


Photo-journal of my movements. Acting as a phone camera dumping ground, started back in December 2004, this page has sporadically received updates ever since. A stream of ad-hoc captures. Enjoy, voyeurs.

Photo Narratives

Sequences of photographs strung together to make narratives, imagined stories. Weird fiction using real imagery.

Sobubbly Typeface

Work in progress. I 'll probably never bother to finish this.

Google Map Moments

Hard to describe. Actually it's not, but it just sounds boring.