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What on Earth is Phiculator?

Phi, the Fibonacci sequence, the golden ratio, the golden section, the golden mean, the divine proportion. It’s known as many things, but the ratio they all refer to is the same, 1 : 1.61803399...

Found in art, architecture, design, and most intriguingly, in nature, this ratio has been used throughout history and today for its aesthetic beauty.

Phiculator (pronounced "fye·cu·la·tor") is a simple tool which, given any number, will calculate the corresponding number according to the golden ratio. Useful to anyone wishing to create anything with divine proportions!

How do I use it?

phiculator demo

Simply type a number into either of the number entry areas and click the big Φ (phi) button at the bottom. Phiculator will calculate the corresponding number according to the golden ratio.

Two ways to calculate...
Enter a number into the larger box at the top, to calculate the smaller number below, or enter into the smaller box below, to calculate the larger number above.

Rounded results...
Use the Φ INT (phi : integer) to make the calculation rounded to the nearest whole number.

In more detail...

phiculator guide

Number Entry

Enter the number you wish to calculate a corresponding figure for into either of these two areas. Enter a number into the top area to calculate the smaller proportional value in the smaller box below, and vice-versa, enter a number into the bottom area to calculate the larger proportion in the larger box above


Indicates which way you are performing the calculation...
CB>AC or CB<AC (small>large or small<large)


Displays the Phiculator information screen

Φ (phi) INT

Clicking here calculates your divine value to the nearest integer (no decimals!)

Φ (phi)

Clicking here calculates your divine value to 8 decimal places


Resets your Phiculator to the default values,
1 : 1.61803399


This tool is offered free and with no guarantees! The author does not warrant or assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy of this application resulting from its use or misuse.

Created and published directly from Flash, there should be no reason why Phiculator is not safe. However, any loss of data, or other destructive effect occurring while using this tool is not the responsibility of the author. The author will not be held responsible or liable for any damages resulting from its use or misuse. You use this product entirely at your own risk. If you do not agree with this disclaimer or these conditions of use, you should not use Phiculator. Upon using Phiculator, you have agreed to these terms.

Try it online

Phiculator V0.9 BETA : LaunchPhiculator V0.9 BETA : Launch


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To my knowledge, Phiculator is used by:

Graphic designers
Fine artists
Kitchen designers
Aquarium designers
Glass blowers

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